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Making your environment more conducive to your needs

Create safe, productive settings and ensure that your assets perform at their best for the duration of their life. Our technical and engineering experts satisfy your particular business and operational demands, from building services to energy management, by providing strategic insights and tactical know-how on risk, efficiency, and innovation.

Meeting your Requirements

Your business associate in creating environments that allow people to work, think, and give workplaces that are well-maintained provide the right conditions for productivity, safety, and enhancing your company’s reputation with visitors – all while making it a pleasant place to work. We blend local knowledge and service with global reach and consistency. Your portfolio and assets will be managed by our technological professionals.


RiteMan Facilities Management is a technical service provider with a single point of contact. From space allocation to sustainability management to technical upgrades and environmental compliance, we are proficient in a wide range of jobs. We ensure priority upkeep of building assets and support systems, with reduced interventions for unanticipated interruptions, as the complexity and interconnectivity of buildings grows.

Technical Expertise

Customized solutions that bring your office premise to life. Our data-driven approach to maintenance delivers a unified global asset management solution as well as local maintenance plan customization. We make your operations more productive, efficient, and cost effective by minimising and managing risks on your behalf.

Asset and Property Management

Our technical personnel brings real-world expertise and knowledge from a wide range of industries and disciplines, improving our ability to deliver successful solutions. Based on our customers’ operational demands, our business oriented maintenance sets the preventive maintenance plan for each asset.

Excellence in Engineering and Consulting

We use the Integrated Critical Environment approach and processes (ICE), which are systematic techniques of reducing not only energy use but also your properties’ global Co2 footprint. We undertake an Asset Condition Survey once a year to keep track of progress and identify new areas for improvement.

Management of Projects

Most of our projects are outside of the realm of facility management and necessitate extensive programme management, design, procurement, installation, commissioning, construction, ‘just-in-time delivery’ expertise, measurement verification, and back-end operations and maintenance.

Bring your structures to life

Our on-site and mobile engineering teams, as well as technical experts, provide operational delivery, maintenance, and services management, as well as specialised solutions adapted to your needs. Our engineers bring your buildings to life, shaping pleasant, safe, and well-maintained spaces – today and future – with experience spanning all industries.

We use cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to help you move your organisation to the next level of sustainability while adhering to local laws and supporting your plan. We can improve efficiency while lowering your energy, water, and carbon impact by working together.

We match delivery, risk, and business requirements across your real estate portfolio with a global network of asset management experts. We’ll help you get the most value out of your assets while also creating a safe, well-working environment for your staff and customers, thanks to reliable asset lifecycle tracking and analytics.

We can manage all of your building investments thanks to our insights into infrastructure data and lifecycle management, as well as our extensive understanding of the workplace. From simple updates to larger refurbishments, we handle installation, management, and replacement to enable long-term operational delivery while aligning with your strategic goals.

Maintain uptime and minimise disruptions. We offer a standardised approach to critical environments that maintains reliability and consistency, while customising our procedures to your individual demands, environments, and future investment demands, from mission-critical planning to change management requirements.

We’ll help you keep your property in top shape, from landscaping to road and park maintenance, so it looks and operates at its best 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — from long-term planning to weather-driven solutions.

Your one-stop solution for easy and seamless waste management practices, securely collecting, recycling, and disposing of your garbage so you can focus on what matters most to you. We’ll develop a strategy with you that includes everything from operational goals to culture shifts that empower staff to help reduce waste.

What our Clients Say

Very professional and easy to work with. They have impressed us by their prompt actions and quick response. Their GPS based tracking system and visitor management app provided by them are very much appreciable.


We are delighted that we found RPF to manage our entire security system. They bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the company. Their quick response teams and night patrolling is top notch and always ready for any emergency. RiteMan always have my unreserved recommendation to any company who need a strong and strategically driven work force.


Working with Riteman Protection Force to secure our perimeters day and night, round the clock, has always been a great experience so far and a learning opportunity for us at, “SDL”. Their standard operating procedures are effective and up to date and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs genuine expertise and clarity in the already unstable world of labour and material management.

Leo Charles SDL

A to Z Estate Management at Karle

For more than a decade, RiteMan has been responsible for the smooth operation of Karle Facility Management, a society whose operations are critical to the chain of Apartments as a whole. Even the unusual circumstance created by the coronavirus epidemic has had no impact on RiteMan’s technical services or energy management competence.

Safe Distance Is Todays Need of The Hour

With SAFE DISTANCING you not only achieve a good hygienic environment, you also collect data you need to keep the organization safe from pathogens and keep the environment clean.