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Where people flourish with us

Making a difference is at the heart of an RITEMAN career. RITEMAN employees work in IT, Hospitality, Commercial enterprises and many other, making a daily impact on millions of people. Our employees are passionate about the great atmosphere they build, the clients and communities they serve, and the environment they strive to protect, always putting a personal touch on everything they do.

A worldwide family with a common goal

We connect people and places at RITEMAN to make the world a better place. We care deeply about people, places, and the environment. For us, this means giving you the tools you need to live by our values – honesty, accountability, quality, and entrepreneurship – while also providing you with a productive atmosphere in which you can grow, prosper, and make a meaningful impact.


The fantastic thing about RITEMAN is that we sincerely care for our employees’ well-being. There are also a plethora of job opportunities.”

We are concerned about the welfare of our employees.

Your career advancement may be constrained if you work in-house or with a single-service provider. Your career options at RITEMAN, on the other hand, are virtually limitless. Because we are a diverse organisation with opportunities across other states and areas of competence, our employees’ careers frequently lead to new, fascinating specialisations or new locations.

Strong service necessitates great skills, and with RITEMAN, you’ll get the training, coaching, and apprenticeships you need to have a genuine influence on clients and their people.

We want our employees to be able to strike a good balance between their personal and professional lives, therefore we offer flexible work hours and paid leave wherever possible.

With a competitive compensation and some of the greatest perks in the industry, we recognise and appreciate our people’s skills and achievements.

Our employees have countless possibilities to advance their careers with us, becoming experts in their fields, moving from one function to another, or pursuing career paths that span industries and states.


My first job was as a caterer. I never imagined myself doing what I’m doing right now. However, there is enough room for everyone to flourish and grow at RITEMAN”

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What our Clients Say

Very professional and easy to work with. They have impressed us by their prompt actions and quick response. Their GPS based tracking system and visitor management app provided by them are very much appreciable.


We are delighted that we found RPF to manage our entire security system. They bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the company. Their quick response teams and night patrolling is top notch and always ready for any emergency. RiteMan always have my unreserved recommendation to any company who need a strong and strategically driven work force.


Working with Riteman Protection Force to secure our perimeters day and night, round the clock, has always been a great experience so far and a learning opportunity for us at, “SDL”. Their standard operating procedures are effective and up to date and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs genuine expertise and clarity in the already unstable world of labour and material management.

Leo Charles SDL

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