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Boosting Productivity While Enhancing Your Brand

Customers’ brands are boosted as a result of our support services, impressing visitors and attracting and retaining talent. Our highly skilled and engaged workers genuinely care about the individuals they help, always adding a human touch to create environments that please employees and boost productivity.

Excellent workplace experiences in a variety of industries

Memorable service experiences will bring people and places closer together, improving the link between your company’s goals and employee engagement. Our workplace curation and support services boost productivity, creativity, and loyalty, allowing you to hire, retain, and leverage a skilled and empowered staff.

Intelligent cleaning services.

We combine domain knowledge, expertise in crafting IFM projects with a state-of-the-art computerized maintenance management system, and diagnostic maintenance & productivity linked operations to reinforce the lifecycle of the ability. We also leverage automated systems and processes to deliver quality services.

Cleaning solutions to prevent biological hazards

The world’s leading companies have turned to us for advice on cleaning and hygiene during the global pandemic. As a global organisation delivering facility management cleaning services at the frontline, we have gathered many learnings and insights. We offer customers extensive strategic, tactical and operational know-how – together creating safe places that put people at ease, encourage productivity and support your organisation’s goals.

We earn you good reputation

Clean and hygienicworkplaces will keep you relieved as our facility team takes care of your maintenance perfectly well, which will make the guests welcoming and create a good atmosphere, fuel productivity and reduce stress – all of which appealsto the users of the facility and boosts your reputation with visitors& co-workers alike.

Help patients on their road to recovery

Assist patients and their loved ones to recover fast with clean, safe hospital environment. With healthcare housekeeping and medical equipment cleaning, our trained housekeeping personnel are directly invested in helping your patients get well fast.

A pleasant, well-run environment for all.

We create memorable service moments and exceptional working experiences for your employees and visitors through front and back office services, generating a stronger connection to your office premise and promoting brand loyalty. Our visitor and employee services are adaptable to any industry and are custom-designed to meet your business strategy.

As visitors and employees enter your facility, the front desk and reception services generate a favourable and lasting impression. Visitors will feel relaxed and cared for as they begin their stay or visit the property for meetings or activities, in addition to supporting the security of your facilities.

Through professional administration teams that maximise the productivity of your people and talent through record entries, visitor management, and payroll among other areas, our executive and administrative assistance adds value to your business.

Our employees create memorable experiences at every step of the guest journey, including concierge services and transportation.

Our specialized team will assist you in organizing meeting and conferencing space and audio-visual equipment by using the newest technologies and carefully managing meeting and conference spaces. We provide your staff the freedom to focus on their work, whether they’re in internal meetings or hosting guests and VIPs.

Great workplace experiences bring people and places together, tying your company’s vision and culture to employee happiness and engagement. We curate the workplace with our dedicated teams – including experience managers, innovation leads, and health and well-being experts – to enhance productivity, creativity, and loyalty, allowing you to attract, retain, and leverage on talented employees. 

We ensure that your staff can receive and send papers quickly by distributing mail and parcels efficiently around your facilities and providing proactive courier management.

Making a wonderful environment to work for emerging IT talent

When a renowned technology business needed help attracting and keeping top people, they turned to RITEMAN. Our alliance would be able to boost employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction by establishing a wonderful workplace experience.

What our Clients Say

Very professional and easy to work with. They have impressed us by their prompt actions and quick response. Their GPS based tracking system and visitor management app provided by them are very much appreciable.


We are delighted that we found RPF to manage our entire security system. They bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the company. Their quick response teams and night patrolling is top notch and always ready for any emergency. RiteMan always have my unreserved recommendation to any company who need a strong and strategically driven work force.


Working with Riteman Protection Force to secure our perimeters day and night, round the clock, has always been a great experience so far and a learning opportunity for us at, “SDL”. Their standard operating procedures are effective and up to date and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs genuine expertise and clarity in the already unstable world of labour and material management.

Leo Charles SDL

A to Z Estate Management at Karle

For more than a decade, RiteMan has been responsible for the smooth operation of Karle Facility Management, a society whose operations are critical to the chain of Apartments as a whole. Even the unusual circumstance created by the coronavirus epidemic has had no impact on RiteMan’s technical services or energy management competence.

Safe Distance Is Todays Need of The Hour

With SAFE DISTANCING you not only achieve a good hygienic environment, you also collect data you need to keep the organization safe from pathogens and keep the environment clean.