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High Standards

Prioritizing excellence

While the world of work is increasingly changing, as a result of digital innovation and the COVID-19 epidemic, we maintain our high standards. We draw on experience from across our international organisations to help you develop workplaces that work even better by matching your needs and regulatory requirements to the newest service innovations.

A methodical approach

Rules and regulations differ per industry. The requirement for quality and compliance, on the other hand, remains constant. Our methods and policies reflect our commitment to high standards. We take pride in the following:

  • Providing the greatest level of service to meet your needs.
  • Providing a healthy and secure working environment.
  • Human and labour rights processes are managed in accordance with local and international standards.
  • Keeping a trustworthy supply chain.
  • Whenever feasible, reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Internal processes, smart technology, and continual employee development are all used to mitigate hazards.

How the Vested cooperation between Analytical Wizards and RITEMAN produces great results

At RITEMAN, we believe that true collaborative collaborations help us provide even more value to our customers. This strategy is exemplified by our Vested relationship with Accenture, which has resulted in lower absenteeism and higher employee engagement and productivity.

Excellence has been recognised.

Our customers gain access to the most up-to-date and cutting-edge industry expertise from around the world. We ensure that tools, technology, and procedures are tried and tested, as well as staying current with the latest trends, through our Centres of Excellence. Our award-winning reputation for global excellence is based on this approach.

What our Clients Say

Very professional and easy to work with. They have impressed us by their prompt actions and quick response. Their GPS based tracking system and visitor management app provided by them are very much appreciable.


We are delighted that we found RPF to manage our entire security system. They bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to the company. Their quick response teams and night patrolling is top notch and always ready for any emergency. RiteMan always have my unreserved recommendation to any company who need a strong and strategically driven work force.


Working with Riteman Protection Force to secure our perimeters day and night, round the clock, has always been a great experience so far and a learning opportunity for us at, “SDL”. Their standard operating procedures are effective and up to date and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs genuine expertise and clarity in the already unstable world of labour and material management.

Leo Charles SDL

Safe Distance Is Todays Need of The Hour

With SAFE DISTANCING you not only achieve a good hygienic environment, you also collect data you need to keep the organization safe from pathogens and keep the environment clean.